Chapter 1 – Nepenthe

Amazing stories again by Jigs. I started reading her work with Stripped Revealed and now Temptation. All these stories have stayed me. Looking forward to read Temptation Transmuted. Its a treat to the readers.


THMSAtMAMI – Day 1 Friday 21st October 2016

THMSAtMAMI and Meet With Mr and Mrs Barun Sobti

Hi All,
I am @radhikab512 from Twitter. I am writing my experience for the first time. I am not good with words but I have tried so here goes. It’s simple account of my day at MAMI with so hope you like it. I was eager to watch THMS as any fan would be. Firstly, I would like to thank my friends @princesssparks and @niji71 , they showed my message to Barun in London wherein I said I would  watch THMS. He knew me as I met him before, so he said She’ll be there at MAMI and that was very motivating. I was all set to go for MAMI just for THMS. I would also like to thank another friend @pari_tweets for accompanying me to the MAMI and being there with me.

I’ll begin from 21st October 2016 Friday, when we arrived at the PVR ECX the venue for #THMSAtMAMI ( still using the #). There had been a lot of confusion regarding the tickets, so we thought it is better if we went early so we went there at 3 pm, in case we aren’t confirmed we may have to stand in the queue. However they had booked our seats and we indeed had the ticket. ,We were told they would let us in at 5pm so finally after we were let in we were relieved.

We were told the seats of the Cast were behind and we sat behind but then we saw Mr and Mrs Dhamade sitting in the front. There were no seat numbers as it was more like first come first serve basis except for Members. We managed to sit behind the Milind Sir and his wife. I went to greet them and she asked me if I am from Barun Sobti’s FC since my friends had met them. I told her yes and my friend Naeha and Niji have been praising the movie and how it was so well received in UK and all of you have been so welcoming and friendly to fans so looking forward to watching it. Mr and Mrs Dhamade are really nice and friendly to us. Thanks you Naeha and Niji for leaving a good impression on them about Barun fans.

I sat back in the seat and then saw Barun come in with his wife Pashmeen and Friend Riddhi Dogra. I was 2 seats away diagonally behind Barun. I could see him from my seat and that’s when I went to him said Hi Barun and he said Hi to us. There were 3 of fans sitting behind him so once the movie began some of us cheered when his name came on the Big Screen. Of Course, the only thing that distracted me from the movie in a good way was Barun and I was looking at him and his reaction more than on screen. This is once in a life time opportunity to able sit near your favourite actor and watch the movie with him. The decision was made, I was going to watch him and his reaction to what’s happening on screen occasionally  but when Arjun came on screen I was so happy seeing him on screen after so long, so I was watching him and Barun alternatively. He looked so charming on screen as Arjun. We all know Barun is so talented and Arjun seemed so effortless and natural. Not saying much about Arjun watch THMS. There were times I saw Barun laughing at some scenes something that will always stay with me.



The movie proceeded so smoothly without a single dull moment. The light hearted and fun moments had the whole audience LOL his fans probably were more noisy including Moi. The movie is a brilliant making you smile and laugh throughout sometimes even get you to react like OMG!! And yet this movie touches you emotionally. Every character connects with the audience and we all can relate to the Movie, specially people from Mumbai, since Mumbai is a Cosmopolitan City with different Cultures and we all have friends from different sections of society.



The movie ended with a huge applause from the audience. This is something I haven’t seen happening in any movie lately or at least the ones I have seen. I saw they were getting ready for the QA and we managed to say wave to Barun. Milind Sir had started with QA with the whole cast standing there introducing each and everyone of the cast one by one. We had some interesting questions and the movie was appreciated by everyone.


After the QA ended, We saw Barun leaving and thought he left but he came back and then again went out. Meanwhile everyone started moving out so we left too hoping to catch Barun. We went down and found Barun no where in sight so we went back up again and there we saw Mrs. Dhamade who told us we would get to meet Barun and I think Milind Sir called Barun and then we proceeded down. Mrs. Dhamade was nice to talk to us and accompanying me along with another girl from the cast.

I saw Barun and I approached him. I told him that I loved the movie and it was so much fun we were lol. Barun was like I heard you and I was like ME! He is so sweet he said Everyone and yes indeed the audience was LOL.  Even in midst of our conversation he saw there was a step below and he told me just watch your step. He knew me since we have met before and I saw Pashmeen standing down so I was like sorry for disturbing you in your time and he was like She (Pashmeen) is pretty chilled out and he looked at her. I wanted to acknowledge and greet her. So I mustered some courage and asked him if we can meet her.


It was so sweet of Barun to call Pashmeen to meet us and she was gracious to meet us. I greeted her as Hi Pashmeen and then she and I were talking. She was really sweet and asked did you like the movie? I can’t explain her expression in words when she asked that. That emotion on her face along with the anticipation really touched me. She must be supportive of Barun and his work that goes without saying. I felt humbled that how grounded, she must be to value our opinion of the movie, even though the whole audience was clapping at the end of the movie. We told her we really loved the movie and are so proud of Barun. While talking to her I asked her if she and Barun would pose for us and I won’t be posting the pictures online. She agreed and they posed for us. I was really happy seeing them so up close standing next to each other and capturing the beautiful couple. What touched me is their humility, their warmth, their genuinesness and their graciousness towards us. I wanted to take autographs but then Milind Sir called them so I asked Barun if he would be there the next day so he said yes so I thought I would take them the next day. They bid us bye and I was so happy and humbled that Mr and Mrs Sobti met us and this was their first meet together with fans at an official event and clicking pics with us. I am glad they opened up to us. Wish them all the happiness and may they stay blessed.



I met with the rest of the cast before leaving and took a video of Avi for my friend Jes and Avi was so cool to say Hi to her. Everyone from the Cast was nice to us. I was so happy with this experience one of the most cherished moments being able to watch the movie with Barun and the cast and seeing the appreciation and applause and able to meet Mr and Mrs Barun Sobti and I could see their happiness during that moment. It was literally a dream come true, to see Barun get the appreciation and recognition he deserves for his perseverance and his conviction to do good work that satisfies him and makes him happy. All those fans who have supported him unconditionally, you all will be so proud when you watch the movie. I really hope this movie releases worldwide soon so all fans get an opportunity to see him and the appreciation for the movie for themselves. I want to thank my friends on Twitter and hope your dreams come true soon too.


My day was made and headed back home feeling all happy and satisfied even though I had slept only 10 hours in last 48 hours and traveling for 2 consecutive days. I was so fatigued all I needed was a good night sleep as I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go the next day. Will post the next part after Diwali.

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